Acid wash sheet

Acid-washed steel sheet is made from hot-rolled sheets, which are acid-washed in a process, and the surface coals of the sheet and some of its impurities are removed, giving it a more glossy appearance than before, which is similar to oiled sheet. Acid-washed steel sheets are available in both roll and sheet (fabric and shear) on the market.

Acid wash sheet

Acid washing steel sheets are produced and supplied with ST37, ST33, ST52 materials and with SW22 and STW22 standards.

STW22 standard has a higher tensile strength than SW22 standard.

This type of sheet is produced and marketed in thicknesses of 1.5 to 6 mm and with two widths of 100 and 125 cm.

Fabric acid salted steel sheets have the following dimensions:

اس Acid-washed steel sheet 1000 * 2000 mm
ید Acid-washed steel sheet 1250 * 2500 mm
⇐ The weight of acid-washed steel sheets is the same as that of hot-rolled (black) sheets.

The process by which grease on a sheet that has reached the desired thickness by hot rolling is removed from the sheet using hydrochloric acid is called acid washing.

Part of the product is transferred to the acid washing unit in the hot rolling unit to wash the surface of the sheet with acid.

In acid washing lines, the coils, after being opened by the opening spools, enter the pools of hydrochloric acid and are washed there for deoxidation.

After being washed and taken out of the acid pools, these coils are washed with water and dried by passing through a hot air tunnel.

After the acid washing operation, part of the product is supplied to the market in the form of acid-washed coil and the main part of it is transferred to the cold rolling unit to produce cold products.

Application of acid washing steel sheet (SW22 – STW22):

Acid-washed steel sheets have a variety of applications in various industries, the most important applications of salted acid sheets can be mentioned as follows:

⇐ Construction uses: production of pipes and profiles, etc.
ساز Automotive: construction parts and car wheels of auto parts and its internal components (rim and chassis)
لوله Pipe manufacturing industry: Production of various types of water, oil and gas transmission pipes
Production of gas, liquid and pressure tanks
⇐ Remodeling for galvanized products