Belt ST52

ST52 belt is a structural and infrastructure belt that is used in a wide range of different industries.

ST52 belt with significant amounts of silicon and manganese elements compared to ST37 and ST44 belts has more tensile and flexural strength, weight bearing and elastic properties.

ST52 is supplied to customers with the full title ST52-3N, where the letter N is derived from the word Normalized.

The ST52 black belt contains about 0.2% carbon, 0.55% silicon and 1.6% manganese, which owes its flexural strength and elastic properties to the element manganese (Mn).

Standard 1.070 – ST37 belt – ST44 belt

The ST52 belt also has high welding, forming and machining capabilities. ST52 is also available in other sections such as quadrilateral.

Note: ST52-3N is named with the standard 1.07070.

This belt in thicknesses less than 40 mm, has an elastic warp of about 350 and a minimum tensile strength of 490 and a maximum of 680 Nm per square millimeter.

Chemical composition of ST52 belt (%)

S max P max Mn max Si max C ≤ 16 max
0,025 1,6 0,3 0,55 0,24