Iron belt

Iron belt or ST37 belt belongs to the group of black belts. Iron belt or ST37 belt has general, structural and construction applications and is used as one of the basic components in all industries.
Belts with different materials including; Steel belts, ST52 belts, aluminum belts, galvanized belts, etc. are produced and supplied, among which iron belts are known as one of the most widely used types of belts in the industry.

This type of belt is supplied in the form of coil (roll) and felt (cut sheet). Iron belts are also known as black belts.

Iron Belt – ST37 Belt

These types of belts generally do not have the desired surface quality and smoothness, and therefore this type of belt is also produced in the form of transformers and (except in special cases) are not supplied in low thicknesses.

Iron belts are generally produced by climbing and machining; Of these two types of machined belts, they have a better appearance than climbing belts and in this respect are in a higher position than climbing belts.