Rebar CK45
Rebar CK45

Ck45 steel rebar is recognized with the standard 1.1191 and based on the SAE of America with the standard 1045. This steel rebar is used to make parts for cars and engines, mechanical engineering, industrial shafts and rollers, and similar industries.

The most widely used CK45 equivalents include:

⇐ Czech Republic’s Poldi equivalent (W6H: (POLDI
⇐ Equivalent to Bohler in Austria (H.EH: (BOHLER

Ck45 steel rebar with approximately 100% contains 0.45% carbon and 0.25% and 0.65% silicon and manganese, respectively.

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CK45 steel rebar (steel 1.1191)

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CK45 steel rebar (1.1191 steel) / CK35 rebar

Rebar in stock:

CK45 steel rebar produced by domestic factories: CK45 Yazd, Esfarayen and Isfahan

CK45 steel rebar produced by foreign factories: CK45 Ukraine, Russia, Germany

All the mentioned items are supplied with diameters of 12 mm to 800 mm and a length of 6 meters.

These rebars are used in the automotive industry to make all kinds of car and engine parts, in the manufacture of industrial rollers, as well as as shafts.

Chemical composition of steel rebar CK45 (steel 1.1191)

S P Mn Si C
0,035 ≤ 0,035 ≤ 0,50~0,80  0,40 ≤ 0,42~0,50

Steel rebar CK35

From rebars similar to CK45 steel rebars, we can mention CK35 rebars, which are distinguished by a slight difference in the amount of carbon. The amount of carbon in CK35 rebar is lower than CK45 and as a result it has more softness than this rebar.