Rebar ST52
Rebar ST52

ST52 steel rebar is used in a wide range of industries.

This steel rebar with significant amounts of silicon and manganese elements as well as high elasticity, shows good behavior against torsion and bending and weight bearing.

ST52 steel rebar is supplied with the full title ST52-3N, where the letter N is derived from the word Normalized.

ST52 rebar contains about 0.2% carbon, 0.55% silica and 1.6% manganese, which owes its flexural strength and elastic properties to the element Mn.

Si(%) Mn(%) C (%) Name
0,55 1,6 0,2 ST52

ST52 steel is also capable of welding, forming and machining, which is also available in sections such as sheets, rebars, belts and quadrilaterals.

ST52-3N is named with the standard 1.07070. Small loads and thick loads of this rebar are available.

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