Seamed pipe

Seamed pipe refers to pipes that are welded on the wall in a straight or diagonal line.

Seamed pipes are actually rolls of sheets that are rounded by cold rolling rollers and then the seam in the end bend of the sheet is removed by special welds. These pipes are also called welded pipes. they recognize.

Welded seam of welded pipe can be visible as a hidden seam or weld seam. These pipes are used in various industries such as water and sewage and oil and gas industries.

Welded Pipe – Seamless Pipe

Seamless pipe

Welded pipes are known in English as Welded or Seamless.

Welded pipe is produced and supplied with A106, ST37 and ST35 / 8 materials.

To further introduce these pipes, for example, we will refer to the chemical composition of A106 welded pipe:

Chemical composition of A106 welded pipe

 Grade AGrade BGrade C
Carbon max. %0,250,30,35
*Manganese %0,27 to 0,930,27 to 0,930,29 to 1,06
Phosphorous, max. %0,0350,0350,035
Sulfur, max. %0,0350,0350,035
Silicon, min.%0,10,10,1
Chrome, max. %0,40,40,4
Copper, max. %0,40,40,4
Molybdenum, max. %0,150,150,15
Nickel, max. %0,40,40,4
Vanadium, max.%0,080,080,08