Ribbed rebar

Ribbed rebar is one of the most common and widely used iron sections in the construction industry. Ribbed rebars are used in the structure of “concrete” buildings as a supporting and reinforcing member of the structure.

Ribbed rebars have more advantages than simple rebars. The treads used in this type of rebars cause more conflict between the rebars and concrete, and in addition, the advantage increases the shear and tensile strength of the rebars.

Ribbed rebars are used in concrete structures along with concrete to increase the tensile strength of the structure.

The presence of rebar in concrete makes the structure, in addition to withstanding the pressure load exerted by the concrete, achieve high tensile strength.

Ribbed rebar

Ribbed rebars are produced with three common standards A2, A3 and A4 and in sizes 8 to 32.

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