Supply of materials required by companies
Crown Steel, a good name in alloy steel suppliers
Cooperation with contractors of oil, gas and industrial companies of the country

About FoladTaj

FoladTaj Company has been engaged in supplying the materials required by companies for many years and has been able to leave a good name in the alloy steel suppliers. So far, we have been able to have significant cooperation with a group of contractors of the country’s oil, gas and industrial companies.
Sales of alloy steels and steam tanks, steel, refractory, properties steels and superalloys.
(ROUND BAR-PLATE-FLAT BAR): Cold and hot working steels
42CrMo4 – 25CrMo4 – 4130 – 4140 – 1/7131 – 1/5920 – 1/2080
2436 / 1–2344 / 1–2343 / 1–2567 / 1–1191 / 1–1221 / 1
(ROUND BAR – PLATE – FLAT BAR): Stainless steel and refractory steels
304L – 316L – 316– 309 – 309S – 310 – 310S – 321 – 1/4841

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Steel sheet, steel rebar and alloy steel

Steel sheets produced these days, where each type of steel sheet is used for a specific purpose. Steel sheet is made of different materials, each of which is used in different parts of the industry and construction of buildings. All types of steel sheets each have special physical and structural characteristics that are used in different parts according to this structure.

Foolad Taj is a suitable choice for dear customers in the field of buying and selling steel sheets by offering the best price of steel sheets.

Types of steel sheets:
+ Black steel sheet (hot steel sheet)
+ Galvanized steel sheet
+ Colored steel sheet
+ Acid washing steel sheet
+ Thin plate steel sheet
+ Shutter steel sheet
Other steel products include steel rebar and alloy steel. Purchase of steel rebar, sale of steel rebar, purchase of alloy steel, sale of alloy steel and reasonable prices of steel rebar and alloy steel are offered by Foolad Taj.