A516 sheet
A516 sheet

A516 steel sheet is a group of construction steel sheets that is produced and supplied with two qualities (grade) 60 and 70.

A516 Gr 60 steel sheet and A516 Gr 70 steel sheet are most used in boiler tank industry. A516 steel sheets have high tensile strength and acceptable elongation percentage and are used to make tank walls in the form of bends and lenses.


In physics, the tensile force exerted by a rope, cable, chain, and the like is called a tensile object. Contrasting tension is pressure.

A516 Gr 70 steel sheet has better quality, welding, cutting and flexibility compared to A516 Gr 60 steel sheet.

A516 steel sheets are also produced with other grades such as A516 Gr 55 and A516 Gr 65 (according to ASTM USA). In fact, the difference between different grades of fireproof sheet in pressure and temperature tolerance is the ability to be lensed, tensile test and impact test.

Domestic reservoir companies mainly use sheets made in Iran (Mobarakeh Steel) and made in Ukraine, South Korea and China, among which, Iranian A516 steel sheet and Chinese A516 steel sheet due to low percentage of manganese in the sheet. The products produced by them are in low quality categories.

A516 steel sheet is a carbon steel sheet in which small amounts such as phosphorus and sulfur and elements such as manganese and silicon are used at the highest permissible levels, in order to achieve a high quality carbon steel sheet with bending and lensing properties.

A516 steel sheets have another standard called A516 NACE MR0175, which have high thermal resistance and are mostly used in the oil and gas industry.

Application of A516 steel sheet

A516 fireproof sheet is used in various industries, the most common use of A516 sheet is in the tank and boiler industries.

Other uses of this sheet can be; Pressurized tanks, pressurized fittings and converters, spherical tanks and renewable energy equipment noted.

Chemical composition of fireproof sheet A516 Gr 70

Cr AI S P Mn Si C
0,3 0,02 0,03 0,03 1/1,7 0,6 0,1 / 0,22
 – V Ti Nb Mo Ni Cu
0,2 0,03 0,01 0,08 0,3 0,3