With the hope of God and for the excellence of our country’s industry, Taj Steel pursues all its activities based on the principles of customer orientation and paying attention to the needs and requests of customers.


Taj Steel has tried to be a leader in the field of import, sales and consulting by considering the scientific and specialized aspects of sales and goods, as well as hiring specialized and experienced staff in the field of metallurgical consulting and knowledge of alloy steels, and its services at the best level. May offer to valued customers and partners.

Taj Steel Company has tried to provide the best service to the national market of our beloved country by providing articles and expert advice to help improve customer selection, in addition to focusing on sales and marketing aspects, and its share in improving the level. Play traditional and experimental markets as well as emerging virtual markets.


The vision of Taj Steel is to be more active in domestic and, of course, international markets and to expand scientific and research activities in the field of metallurgy and alloy steels.