Hardox anti-wear sheet

Anti-wear and wear-resistant steel sheet or Hardox steel sheet (Hardox steel sheet)

Anti-wear steel sheet / Hardox steel sheet / Hardox steel sheet / Dorsat steel sheet

Hardox anti-wear sheet

One of the main problems that the industry is facing and seeking to solve is to have accurate practical information about the phenomenon of wear.

In fact, the phenomenon of slipping a material or a surface on another surface, which is actually a mechanical work and causes the particles on the surface to be removed and creates surface wear, is called wear.

Hardox steel sheets, which are a resistant type of anti-wear steel sheets, with their high resistance to abrasion, have solved this problem.

Hardox 400 steel sheet contains about 0.3 to 0.4 percent carbon, 0.7 percent silicon, 1.6 percent manganese, 1.4 percent chromium, 0.6 percent molybdenum, 1.5 percent nickel and trace amounts of trace elements. Phosphorus, sulfur and boron.

On the Hardox 400HB the elements C, Cr, Mo and Ni change depending on the thickness.

Other features of anti-wear sheets (Hardox sheets and similar brands) include machining, forming and welding.

Dillidur 400v / dillidur 500v standards / anti-wear steel sheet / Dorsat steel sheet

The dillidur 400v, dillidur 500v and 1.3401 standards also apply to hardwood-like anti-wear sheets. Similar brands of Hardox include:

Do Weldox anti-wear steel sheet
Ostat Durostat anti-wear steel sheet
Us creusabro anti-wear steel sheet

Hardox steel sheets are available in thicknesses higher than 5mm; Hadox equivalent sheets such as Cresabro sheets have thicknesses lower than 5 mm.

Hardox sheets with a hardness of 400, 450, 500 and 600 Brinell are available, of which 400, 450 and 500 Hardox sheets are more used in domestic industries.

Brinell hardness is one of the hardness criteria that determines the hardness of a material based on its resistance to spherical submersion made of steel or tungsten carbide.

This method was proposed in 1900 by the Swedish engineer Johann August Brinell.

Anti-wear steel sheet (Hardox sheet) / Hardox steel sheet / Dorsat steel sheet

Hardox 450 steel sheet (Hardox 450 steel sheet) is very resistant to shrinkage and abrasion, and also this sheet and other standards of Hardox sheet have a long life.

Hardox 450 steel sheet has high weldability and connectivity.

In fact, the numbers representing Hardox sheets (such as; Hardox 400, Hardox 500, etc.) indicate the degree of hardness of the sheets in Brinell.

Chemical composition, Hardox 400,450,500

% B max % Mo max  % Ni max  % Cr max  % S max  % P max  % Mn max  % Si max   %C max   
0,004 0,6 1,5 2,5 0,01 0,025 1,6 0,7 0,32 Hardox 400
0,005 0,6 1,5 1,4 0,01 0,025 1,6 0,7 0,26 Hardox 450
0,005 0,6 1,5 1,5 0,01 0,02 1,6 0,7 0,3 Hardox 500