Steel A36

A36 ASTM alloy steel is a low carbon steel that has a good ability to combine and form. A36 alloy steel has a density of 7800 kg per cubic meter.

The compressive strength of A36 alloy steel is about 200 GPa (200 GPa); Thicknesss of less than 200 mm have a minimum strength of 36,000 pounds per inch (36,000 psi) and a final tensile strength of between 58,000 and 8,000 pounds per inch.

This steel is very suitable for welding operations and in various forms, including; Plates, rebars, sheets; Corners, studs as well as beams are produced.

A36 alloy steel belongs to the family of marine sheets and due to its special composition, which shows special resistance against salts and saline water of the seas, and therefore in the marine industry, shipbuilding, pier construction, industrial and commercial structures. It is also used in connection with the sea and similar cases and in various formats, including; Plates, rebars and sheets are also produced.

This type of steel is used in the manufacture of various metal parts and most parts are plated after manufacturing and machining.

A36 alloy steel is also widely used in the repair of metal ships and vessels.

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Common chemical properties of A36 alloy steel

0,026%Maximum carbon
0%Maximum manganese
0,04%Maximum phosphorus
0,05%Maximum sulfur
0,04%Maximum silicon
0,2%Maximum copper