Oil sheet
Oil sheet

Oiled steel sheet (stretch and super-stretch steel sheet)

Unlike black sheet, oiled steel sheet is produced in the process of cold rolled steel and due to its surface quality and transparency, it is mostly used in the external surfaces of industrial and construction products.

This sheet is usually named and produced according to ST14 and ST12 standards and has a high elongation (traction).

The elongation of such sheets is usually between 12 and 28 when the sheet is in tension.

Cold rolled steel sheet – ST14 sheet – ST12 sheet

This sheet, which has tensile or super-tensile applications, which includes all types of cold sheets, and has the standards ST12, ST13 and ST14, tensile sheet and super-tensile sheet.

Oiled steel sheets have the ability to be stretched without having to break.

These standards are a subset of German DIN; The name of a standard usually consists of a combination of a symbol and a number, such as: ST14 sheet and ST12 sheet

ST14 sheet, ST12 sheet, tensile and super-tensile sheet – Cold rolled Steel

The abbreviation ST is derived from the German word Stahl, meaning steel.

The number used in the standard means the minimum tensile strength of the sheet.

ST14 sheet, ST12 sheet, tensile and super-tensile sheet – Cold rolled Steel

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