Corner of the sea

The corner is the English translation of the word Angel and is known in the industry by the letter L. Corners are generally divided into two equal and unequal wings.

Offshore corner refers to the cross section of the corner with A36 and GLA standards and other standards of marine industries steels.

Marine corner (corner A36) is most used in shipbuilding, berth and صنایع industries.

Offshore corners A36 and GLA are produced with high quality level and after several melting stages, the percentage of destructive elements reaches the minimum percentage in steel (sulfur and phosphorus less than 0.035).

These corners have a high resistance to salts and salts in open water.

Corner GlA and corner A36 are used in shipbuilding, berth and other marine industries. By producing this steel product, time and money have been saved for bending and cutting marine sheets.

Corners are available in sizes 6 to 200.