Rails are used in various industries, the most widely used of which are the railway and metro industries.

Due to the need for anti-wear properties of railway rails, CK45 or CK55 steels are generally used in their construction.

Ck45 steel with approximately 100% has 0.45% carbon and 0.25% and 0.65% silicon and manganese, respectively.

These sections are used in other cases such as the opening and closing path of industrial and garage doors, maintenance and movement path of suspended cranes and in mines as the movement path of freight wagons.

They are generally made of quadrilaterals and straps ST52, ST37 or CK45 and CK55 steels.

Rails can also be classified according to their type of use,

For example: Rail, crane and mineral rails are rails that are named after their use in industry.

These sections are also produced with the following standards:

– Type S (European standard)
– Type R (Russian standard)
– JIS type (Japanese standard)
– Type A (used in cranes)