Fire hose

Fire hose is produced under DIN 2448 standard.

This type of alloy pipe has many applications in industry. For example, fire pipes are used in the construction of heat exchanger boilers, pressurized sources or generally in places where there is direct contact with high pressure and heat.

If fire pipes need to be welded, the heat treatment after welding should be done at a temperature of 520 to 600 degrees for at least 15 minutes.

Some specifications of ST35.8 fire hose

ST35.8 or ST35.8 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe is a widely used example of such pipes.

The temperature in refractory alloy pipes is about 450 degrees Celsius and the liquid pressure is up to 32 atmospheres for pipes with a diameter of 64 mm and above and 80 atmospheres for pipes with a diameter less than that.

Here are some of the main uses of these pipes:

- Shipbuilding industry
- Used as a pipeline for transporting liquids with low pressure and medium pressure
Diesel engines
- Chemical industry and construction industry
- Low pressure and medium pressure boilers
- Oil and gas industry
- Use in heat exchangers

There are different alloys and standards for fire hoses, the most important of which are the following standards:

Fire pipes with excellent quality in appearance and material, are offered to customers and dear colleagues, and also to ensure more assured buyers, all alloy items with certification and valid analysis will be offered to customers.