Steel MO40

MO40 alloy steel is in the group of heat treatable steels (high quality alloys). In some cases, about 0.2% nickel is used to remove the brittleness of chromium in MO40 alloy steel.

Melting and preparation of this alloy takes place in electric arc furnaces as well as in induction furnaces. A noteworthy point in the melting of these steels is its complete slag, which is why MO40 alloy steels are known as high quality alloys.

Heat treatable steels

MO40 alloy steel in various industries such as cement industry rollers, steel industry rollers, connecting rods, gears, darts, vehicle axles, steering gear, durable screws, connecting rods, bullet mill armor of raw materials, diaphragm Raw material mill, klinger mill hammer, pressure vessels and aircraft structures are used.