Steel VCN

VCN alloy steel is divided into two main and widely used categories, VCN200 and VCN150. With 2% nickel and 2% chromium, VCN200 steel is used to make long shafts that withstand high compressive strength and power transmission.

Ck45, Ck60 and similar alloy steels can also be included in this group of VCN steels. VCN200 steel is usually used in cases where there is no urgent need for plating.

VCN Alloy Steel – VCN200 / VCN150

Heat-operable steels are generally used to make parts and tools that are subjected to heavy tensile, flexural and torsional loads.

VCN200 is also known in the industry with the standard number 1.6580.

VCN150 alloy steel with standard number 1.6582 with approximate amount of common alloying elements (carbon, silicon, manganese and nickel) and 0.5% reduction of nickel and chromium, is often used in cases where the part used, need to increase the hardness. And have plating.

VCN alloy steel is used in the manufacture of parts that require strength, tensile strength, flexibility and high fracture toughness. VCN150 steel has less hardness than VCN200 steel.


Long length parts in machines and vehicles that require high strength, high tensile strength, good flexibility, high resistance to failure are made of this type of steel.

Crankshafts, non-centered axles, toothed components and parts, shafts related to cement industry, car chassis, disc plate.

Chemical composition VCN150