Refractory steel

The strength of refractory alloy steels does not deteriorate up to 600 ° C and up to 1200 ° C.

Regarding the melting and burning of these alloy steels, two points should be considered:

1- Resistance to the effects of gases such as oxygen and carbon oxides, water vapor and sulfur-containing gases at high temperatures

2- No change in mechanical properties at high temperatures

Refractory alloy steel (14Cr Mo45 steel plate)

These properties are often due to the presence of the element Cr chromium in refractory steels, and as the temperature increases, more chromium must be alloyed with them to prevent the steel from burning (coarse).

Refractory sheet – Heat resistant Steel -14Cr Mo45 steel plate

Refractory alloy steel is used to make refractory and high temperature resistant sheets, boiler installation pipes and heat exchangers, gas and heater turbine blades, combustion engine smoke valves, and so on.

Refractory alloy steel is resistant to heat up to 1200 ° C and can be used in all cases where the part is exposed to heat or fire.

Refractory alloy steels are also known as 14Cr Mo45 steel plate.

Burning and high temperature environments in which refractory steel can last can be mentioned as follows:

Steel heat treatment furnaces and related tools – Glaze and cement kilns, crystal glass molds and …